Wonders of Cambodia

Wonders of Cambodia

A trip to another country is always an exciting time. A trip to another country that has a motorcycle riding trip is one of my great loves.

I had the opportunity to experience the wonders of Cambodia and enjoy the excitement of discovering the people of this great country from the back of a motorcycle.

Our arrival into Siam Reap was uneventful. If you don't include the driver not knowing the hotels location and then convincing two police officers to double us on police scooters to our hotel across paddy fields. Our hotel was a slice of heaven in the overpowering heat that March brings.

Our first night saw my wife (Jo ) and I enjoying the local beer, food and a fish massage. Yes you read that correctly, a fish massage. Pools of small fish that you dip you feet or for the more foolhardy your whole body into. These fish wriggle around between your toes and eat the dead skin off your feet. It's like being eaten a little at a time and giggling like a school girl the entire time.

Over the next few days we relaxed into the flow of this amazing culture and scenery. The temples, people and jungle truly engaged us. We spent hours wandering lost temples hidden in the Jungle and hardly encountering any other tourists. We had our own Tuk Tuk driver and he showed us the most incredible sights.

During our time I discovered a small private tour company that would allow me to ride through the countryside on a modified Honda 250 dirt bike. So I signed up with my guide (also Paul) and we set off on a Cambodian adventure. Into the heart of darkness.

The heat in the Jungle was incredible and we stopped several times on our journey at small local stalls selling sugar cane juice and green mangos dipped in salt and chillies. This is the hottest dish I have ever tried. Soon the worries of the heat of the day faded as my face overloaded from the chillies, salt and sour mangoes washed down with cups of oversweet sugarcane. Its like being thrown against a wall then held in a pillow while set on fire. Interesting taste.

We continued on to temples only visited by the most intrepid tourists ( mostly via helicopter) and walked amongst the ruins. Snakes climbed the walls as the sounds of the Jungle assaulted us.

Riding back into Siam Reap I reflected on the joy the people I had met greeted me with. I have to say this is a country I have fallen in love with. Its a shame I only had another 3 weeks left on our Cambodian Adventure.

If you would like to know more about the wonders of Cambodia and packages available - contact me on 0408 006 912.

Cheers, Paul.

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