Vietnam & Cambodia

Vietnam & Cambodia

Vietnam & Cambodia

Deluxe Mekong River Cruise on The Jahan -9 nights

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I was fortunate enough to be able to travel to this beautiful & untouched part authentic Asia -both by land and sea.

Cambodia emerged from its tragic past to reveal ancient temple complexes unrivalled in scale & aura. Angkor Wat to the "fried spider" delicacies, such friendly open people and old world charm throughout  the cities and amazing villages.

Vietnam very diverse from North to South, hectic yet surreal in parts - journey along the plains of the Mekong Delta, long deserted stretches of spectacular coastline, majestic mountains - all have a story in history - to the bustling street markets and the faded elegance in the cities from the french colonial era- amazing food and remarkable history.

Travelling by Ship, on the spectacular old world charm 5star Luxurious "The Jahan" I was taken back to the an old English Indian inspired time - What a way to see the country by river being catered to your every need.

Stopping in villages only few get to see - not along the normal  tourist route. Meeting the locals in their villages, eating with locals, tasting  local cuisine and investing just a footprint to see their way of life and culture.

Even though The Jahan was a journey in itself - the broad smiles and refreshing warmth of genuine locals made this a memorable & enriching experience.