The hottest destination of 2015 – Myanmar (Burma)

The hottest destination of 2015 – Myanmar (Burma)

Recent travel to Myanmar really was a step back in time. A beautiful country so untouched by impacts of tourism. There is still an innocence about the country, people whom embrace you with open arms. Whilst the infrastructure is still developing, it’s raw, don’t expect mobile phones to work and internet is more miss than hit in the city areas, Limited ATM’s that work etc.

The sheer beauty of the country and the local people will keep you entertained with an abundance photo opportunities you soon forget about the world’s modern ways.

Local families welcome the chance to be photographed, Don’t be concerned if you are approached to have your photo taken too. Locals are just as fascinated by westerns as we are with them.

The group I escorted, experienced Myanmar leading hotels, there are hotels to suit all budgets and styles of travel, some better than others majority I have inspected.

My favourite moments, The busy city of Yangon, has so much to see from the colonial walk, local markets, breath taking Shwedagon Place best visited early in the morning, people watching.

Excellent River Cruising ships now in operation if you prefer river cruising style of holiday. Cruises are restricted by water levels in certain times of the year.

Bagan, You will see hundreds of pictures of Bagan. Simply pictures don’t capture the sheer beauty of the temples until you see them in person. It’s hard to remove your eyes from such a amazing sight.

From Bagan take a drive through the country side to visit Mt Popa. Below Mt Papa is a wonderful local village with great chance to interact with the friendly locals.

Mandalay, Is known as the religious area with over 3000 monks and 100 meditation centres. 200 year old U bein teak bridge is another highlight, the longest teak bridge in the world. Wonderful photo opportunity as monks walk across. Mandalay offers not only monks, you will have the chance to see Nun’s going about their business too.

Inle Lake, Myanmar second largest lakes measuring 70km2, Famous for its one leg rowers, getting around the lake is by boat. Local five day markets is a wonderful way to embrace local life, a visit to a local winery was unexpected delight.

This is a small snippet of my Myanmar journey. This is a country to visit now before the impact’s of tourism start to change the innocence of the country. Appreciate the country for what it is now.

Are you planning a holiday to Myanmar. Inspired by my journey, I welcome the opportunity to help you.