Singapore Airlines Premium Economy

Singapore Airlines Premium Economy

With economy class rapidly becoming below the level of satisfaction for many flyers, Singapore Airlines have released a premium economy class of flying to appeal to those not interested in flying cattle class, but unable to afford the Business class fare.

Last week, the iteam were lucky enough to check out Singapore Airlines’ Premium Economy so that they could give their clients a firsthand experience. After all, the best way to gain knowledge on something is by doing it yourself.

Stepping onto the huge Singapore Airlines A380, the iteam immediately felt at home; as a team of travel professionals, we know that stepping onto a plane holds so many possibilities of what our tomorrow will bring. Unfortunately, this Airbus would never leave the ground with us still aboard.

The Premium Economy class is obvious from the get-go. Nestled between economy and the ultra-fancy suites on the bottom level of the aircraft, the charcoal-coloured leather seats and accompanying orange cushions placed in a cabin all to themselves.

The upgrades from economy class can be felt as soon as you slip into the seats, with adjustable winged head rests, calf rests and foot rests, plus an 8 inch recline. There’s more space in the width of the seat and extra legroom to stretch out. There’s a dedicated stowing area for your complimentary bottled water (no more plastic cups!) and the biggest in its class LCD screen with noise cancelling headphones, so you will never hear the cry of a baby inflight ever again.

Now all this sounds great doesn’t it? The extra space, the recline and the touch of luxury to eliminate you from economy class, but trust us, there’s actually more! If you’re paying extra for a little bit of elegance, you’re going to want to pack more to keep it up over your trip, and with 35kg, Singapore Airlines are extremely generous.

You’ll also no longer be disappointed that the crew have run out of chicken before they get to you with Premium Economy guests able to ‘Book the cook’ and pick out their meals before they even leave the ground. And with free flowing French champagne, you’re sure to have a relaxing journey.

Given the opportunity to check out all classes on the plane, the iteam loved the new Premium Economy class cabin.


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