I was fortunate enough to be part of a Qantas walk through of the Airbus A380 in a hanger at Sydney Airport.  Firstly, after all the security checks, it was explained to us how the hanger was made wider and higher to fit this large aircraft in it.  It was absolutely amazing to be able to walk around and under this magnificent flying machine.

We were split into small groups of ten which allowed us to look right through the aircraft.  The engineers were very informative and allowed us to sit, touch and experience everything within the aircraft.  We sat in the cockpit, we sat in the seats in first class, economy class, then continued upstairs to premium economy and business class.   As you will see from my photos the First class cabin is very spacious and each passenger can have their own privacy.  After Qantas surveyed passengers it is only 4% of first class passengers that travel with a partner.  With this in mind the individual seats have been designed to allow these passengers complete privacy from each other.  Everything in first class is at the touch of a button.


Situated behind first class is economy.  The economy class seats all have individual entertainment screens in the headrest in front, in the armrest is a power point for laptops (1 between 2), adjustable head rests and the seats recline back and as well as from underneath to minimise the disadvantage to the passenger behind.   

There is a “self-serve” bar area for passengers that stocks drinks (non-alcoholic) and snacks.

Upstairs is premium economy which is more spacious then economy class.  The seats are larger and there are not as many passengers upstairs.  In front of premium economy is business class.  This area is very spacious and offers the flat bed.  If passengers are travelling alone the capsule design allows the passenger privacy.  The business class seats are very comfortable and are controlled electronically by a touch screen.

There is also a camera at the top of the tail so all passengers can enjoy  a “birds eye” view.

Other than the aircraft being so large and carrying so many passengers the other feedback is that is so quiet whilst on board.

It is very rare to be able to walk around an aircraft in all 4 classes of travel and I am pleased I did so.

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