New York - January 2014

New York - January 2014

New York is busy, exciting and alive. Staying just of Times Square we walked everywhere even though it was freezing. This time we had cake and coffee at Carlos Bakery and Magnolias and go to skate at the Rockefeller Centre. I even went to a church service in Harlem this time as I happened to be there on a Sunday. It was a long service but a great experience with singing and everyone becoming involved. Times Square was busy as always and the new shops that have opened up there encourage more people to the area. Sitting on the stairs in Times Square is a great way to watch the world go by. Although this year it was getting colder by the minute!!! Winter in New York is beautiful, you just have to make sure you wear sturdy boots, lots of layers and a beanie. We were lucky to escape before the real cold snap hit.

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