itravel Turns 20!

itravel Turns 20!

It’s a rite of passage that a 20th birthday party involves one hundred of your closest mates, a bar tab and balloons, and itravel’s landmark birthday and combined Christmas party was no different.

Since 1995, Steve Labroski and Louie Apostolovski have been building up their travel company to the itravel that we know today. With a combination of mobile and franchise agents, the itravel team has grown significantly over the last 20 years, and are continuing their growth into the future.

On Thursday night, itravel and their agents and partnered suppliers celebrated a healthy 2015 growth and plans for the future at Strawberry Hills Hotel in Surry Hills. With a representatives from SureSave, Excite Holidays, Trafalgar, Contiki, P&O and more, itravel had plenty of friends to celebrate their amazing achievements with.

When it comes to business, director Steve Labroski likes to keep it short and sweet, saying that he started his own travel business in 1995 to create his own destiny.

“My proudest career moments have been signing up mobile agents and having people believe in what you are creating. That’s very special,” says Steve. As of his success, he attributes it all to his staff saying, “The people working for us, they’re the ones creating itravel.”

Only 20 years young, itravel has big plans for the future with Steve saying their main goal is to continue to change, remaining a fresh and dynamic company.

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