Iceland -isn’t all covered in ice!

Iceland -isn’t all covered in ice!

Iceland -isn’t all covered in ice!

For something totally different in a holiday head off to Iceland – you’ll feel like you’ve landed on the moon.  With the interesting landscapes, rugged volcanic mountains, large open plains and thermal pools – you’ve landed in Iceland. Its capital Reykjavik leads the way for tourist to explore this amazing place.

 Our arrival was met with amazement at the landscape and my children all thought we had landed on the moon. Our first Icelandic experience was on our Iceland Air flight from Amsterdam , initial thoughts were they are a little ‘ frosty ‘ but when you get to talk to the Icelandic people , they are warm and friendly . The hour drive from the airport got us to our hotel in Reykjavik just before dark – and it was only 3.30pm. We got settled into our hotel the Radisson Blu and decided to explore the area around the hotel, however at 5.00pm it was -15 degrees and pitch dark …. Our first stop was to join a long line of people waiting outside the worlds famous Icelandic Hot Dog stand… if all these people are waiting it must be good .. During the 45 minute wait, more and more people kept arriving to line up… some even in taxis. The hot dogs were quite amazing, very tasty and very different… one with the lot included dried Tuna , dried onions , a sauce we still don’t know was it was and mustard like we’ve never tasted.

Our next introduction into Icelandic life was the most popular tour – The Golden Circle. This you get to see 3 of Iceland’s most extraordinary natural wonders – Guillfoss, Gyesir & Pingvellir all in one amazing day.

Starting out in the dark at 9.00am you head off to Gullfoss – a spectacular rainbow tinged double cascade that falls 32m down a narrow ravine, however in January this was frozen solid in the -16 degrees and cold like we’ve never felt before. 10 kms away is Geysir, after which all spouting hot springs are named .The Great Geysir is the main attraction that spouts every six minutes, when it spouts into an impressive 15m – 30m plume. 

Then it’s off to Pingvellir National Park, one of Iceland’s most important historical sites. The Vikings established the world’s first democratic parliament here in 930AD. It also has a superb natural setting on the edge of an immense rift caused by the separating North American & Eurasian tectonic plates. Pingvillr was made a Unesco World Heritage Site in 2004.

As Reykjavik is the world’s most northerly capital, it offers a combination of small town experience and hip and trendy escape. Nature adds an extra dimension with the rugged snow covered mountains that fringe the city. Reykjavik is an easy city to explore , with its streets easily marked and getting your baring’s are all very easy , it has lots to offer with some of the most interesting shopping,  trendy cafes and very hip bars , this is not a city that sleeps .

Add this to your list of MUST SEE PLACES   so for more information or how to arrange your Iceland Experience – call me.

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