Great Baikal July 2018

Great Baikal July 2018

We have joined an Escorted Baikal Tour from Novosibirsk.
We arrived to Irkutsk by train, it takes 2 nights to travel on the way passing big Siberian City of Krasnoyarsk, small towns, villages and dacha’s (summer domains), observing never ending ocean of trees as well as Ivan Chai plantations (Tea plant).
On the train we had a chance of getting to know its passengers, many of them tourists from European Countries travelling to Baikal, Russia’s Far East or to Mongolia, China.

Pictured Above: Before our train journey.

Arrived Irkutsk in the morning, had a sightseeing tour and headed to Taltsy Village – Open air Wooden Architecture Museum where tourists can enter historical houses and see how people used to live in Siberian Villages, see all clothes, furniture, tools and other objects of everyday life.

While on the Tour we stayed in Baikalsk (southern part of Lake Baikal) and travelled to various places of interests like Arshan – Resort Village in Buryatia where we visited Kyngyrga River Waterfall.

Pictured above: Lesley in Arshan.

On another day - Journey to the mountain range of Hamar-Daban along the Solzan Mountain River.The walk passed through lush green forests, majestic mountains, we had picnic by the river and our guides preapred tea on the campfire with the addition of Baikal Herbs.

There was 2 more tours – boat /walking to Circumbaikal Railway, a part of Trans Siberian Railway built in the beginning of the 20th Century, historical-architectural monument, the structure with the number of tunnels, galleries and bridges- all this at the edge of the coastline, a favourite place of rest and travel of tourists.

Pictured Above: A part of the railway 

And a Tour to amazing 3 Warm Lakes where we had a chance to swim, sunbathe, ride on catamarans.

 Pictured Above: Warm Lakes

The Tour was really well paced with different activities every day, it showed Baikal more in depth than usual Trans Siberan 2 or 3 day stopover.

Above: Beautiful Baikal 

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