Exploring Malaysia

Exploring Malaysia

An intimate, urban, boutique retreat in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, a perfect escape for the mind, body and soul without leaving the city.
The latest Boutique Villa in Kuala Lumpur is an intimate urban retreat in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. Villa Samadhi is a 21-room villa-style residence of nature-inspired contemporary Asian design.
Discreetly hidden from street view, the most distinguishing feature of Villa Samadhi is the soaring grass-roof that shouts 'Malaysia'. Open the bamboo-clad gate and the surprise is overt - a façade in absolute russet harmony.

The Samadhi Experience, best described as 'Kuala Lumpur's ultimate treat to nest in', Villa Samadhi is tucked away within an upscale locale just 10 minutes drive from the vivacious parts of town like KLCC and Bukit Bintang. A residence of this calibre is definitely one-of-a-kind in Kuala Lumpur, it is the city's only boutique hotel. Asian hospitality, Villa Samadhi is intended as 'the gateway to a dream state' for all who visit.

Within the 21 Rooms, there are now 6 room categories, each spanning from 600 square-feet to over 2000 square-feet of living space. Each unit is also unique in layout. Bedecked with prevalent use of salvaged timber, polished concrete and bamboo, the interior is a collage of natural elements with strong tones of earth and charcoal. This 'Rustic-Luxe' ambiance is complemented with modern comforts such as tech-amenities, plush beds, roomy bathrooms, over-sized plunge tubs and romantic balconies. Some however are fully-equipped with modern kitchens and private gardens, while ground-floor rooms are with room-to-water access to the “Lagoon”.

Comfort Zones, the massive pool or the 'lagoon' is an inherent aesthetic of the residence but it is also the perfect place to laze around all day doing absolutely nothing. Mandi-Mandi Restaurant serves all-day dining with a small Asian-European mix menu. Bumbung is a roof-top bar, perfect for a cocktail or sundown amid the urban drone. A great place to chill out anytime

Hibernate in style, just a 4 hour drive from Kuala Lumpur (KL) to Mersing with a boat transfer or a short flight from KL to Tioman Island or 2.5 hour drive from Singapore, Japamala is a retreat waiting to be discovered and is the perfect combination with Villa Samadhi, KL.
Luxury here means being surrounded by exceptional natural beauty and being ‘perfectly removed from the rest of the world’. It is a place where life is extraordinarily simple and guests are applauded heartily for hibernating. JAPAMALA promises a soul-enriching getaway, where guests arrive at an utterly relaxed state of mind, in what is called the SAMADHI Experience. JAPAMALA’s philosophy of preserving its natural surroundings is the inspiration behind its rustic luxe concept. The resort is sculpted around nature’s own aesthetics. This is bare and wild beauty, tastefully rendered in a responsible way: timber salvaged from abandoned kampung (village) houses, bamboo and natural materials sourced from the indigenous Orang Asli, wooden fixtures and fittings handmade by island craftsmen.
It is a retreat of true seclusion, amid 11 acres of lush wilderness and an idyllic private beach. Built manually over 10 years, the impact to the immediate environment is minimal, not one tree was felled in its construction, hence, an occasional tree trunk or granite rock left to fashion the interior of some Sarang. This essence of borrowing from nature and blending with natural materials, result in the art of carefree, unpretentious and island-chic living that is quintessentially JAPAMALA.

Emerging from the wilderness like individual nests are 13 romantic wooden chalets, hillside sarangs (‘nest’ in Malay) and beachside villas featuring private plunge pools, wooden sun decks and modern essentials such as WiFi access and iPod docks. They are categorized into Treetop Chalets, Jungle Luxe Sarangs, Seacliff Chalets, Hillside and Seaview Sarangs, as well as one Penghulu’s House on the beach. There are two swimming pools; a free-form one on beachfront granite rocks, complete with overwater cabanas and a soothing waterfall, the other is tucked by the jungle.
Japamala has two restaurants - MANDI-MANDI, open for lunch and dinner, is famed for its over-water pavilions and sun decks, as well as global cuisine, creative beverages and nightly barbeques. TAMARIND serves Thai, Indochinese and Malay cuisine and is opened daily for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
There is also a SAMADHI Spa using SAMADHI Spa’s own products, for indulging in an array of traditional and therapeutic treatments. JAPAMALA has won several awards over the years including most recently the 2014 TripAdvisor Traveller's Choice Award, several HAPA Malaysia 2013-2015 Awards and several 2012 Traveler’s Choice Awards.

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