Dubai 2015


View from the Burj Khalifa                                                            Beach with a view


I was so surprised with what Dubai had to offer, so misinterpreted. Very cosmopolitan, you could stay a week or two or just a stopover on your way to Europe. I would suggest staying within the city if you are just doing a 2-3 day stop. Two major shopping centres within the city are the Dubai mall and Emirates Mall, both are out of this world and house every shop you could possibly think of. I wouldn't say it was any cheaper than Australia but you can find brands that we do not have at home. A trip to the desert is a must an amazing adventure to see the sunset over the sand dunes. A visit to the Burj Khalifa (the worlds tallest building) is also a must where you can get A 360 degree view of the city., If you have a little longer a stopover at the beach resorts on Jumeirah beach is beautiful. You can stay at many resorts on the palm including Atlantis which has a great water park. My favourite was the Fairmont hotel, every hotel just oozes style, class, service and the attention to detail is amazing. A visit to the old city of Dubai to the souk's is also an experience not to miss, if you like gold or silver, here is where you will pick up some bargains. Catch a boat across the creek and walk amongst the shops, listen out for the chant of the prayer time. It is such a beautiful sound. Dubai has so much to offer whether it is a 2 day stop Or a 7 day holiday. I am sure you won't be disappointed, everything is bigger in Dubai and they are determined not to be beaten, I found the Emirate people to be a very friendly and accommodating.


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