Cruising Halong Bay

Cruising Halong Bay

Like most Australians, many people have travelled to South East Asia, and in particular, have travelled the North to South route of Vietnam before.

After travelling to Vietnam over 25 times through the past 14 years, I have seen and experienced a lot of the culture and tourism sometimes more than once, but the exciting thing about 'developing' destinations is that tourism infrastructure is changing and new experiences are fast developing so you have to go back.

While many people have been on an Halong Bay overnight cruise (hands up who hasn’t, let me get you on one ASAP), a one night cruise is now old news. A two night cruise is a must and one night is just not long enough to experience the magnificence of Halong Bay. 

Have you cruised on a traditional junk before?
Do you want to return to Halong Bay and have a different experience?
Do you enjoy European river cruising?
Do you enjoy Mekong river cruising?
If you answered yes, to any of these questions, you will enjoy The Au Co. The Au Co is the leading ship on Halong Bay and a 5 star luxury experience.

I know what you are saying: "The Au Co is not a traditional Junk. We like the traditional junk, that’s what we are used to seeing on Halong Bay." Yes, The Au Co is a different experience. She operates a 2 night/3 day cruise and cruises much deeper into the bay. All the cabins aboard The Au Co have private balconies with daily departures. 

You will be so spoiled on The Au Co that you will never want to go back to a traditional junk. Take your experience to another level and include a Sea Plane flight from Hanoi to Halong Bay return or one way.

More information about The Au Co
Cruise Halong Bay in style in the glamorous beauty of the Gulf of Tonkin, with its dramatic scenery, its inviting and isolated sandy beaches, and the fascinating local life to be found in its floating fishing villages motivated us to introduce the natural wonders of this World Heritage site to visitors. That’s where the idea for The Au Co was born.

Inspired by the Legend of the love story between the Dragon Lord of the sea – Long Quan – and the young fairy – Au Co, reputable French architects have worked with us to create a luxury ship which fuses modern Asian design with a French flair for elegance and style.

Graceful and sophisticated in every detail, The Au Co is setting new standards when it comes to luxury cruises in Halong Bay and travel in Vietnam, guaranteeing her passengers a lifetime experience. Her 3 day voyage will not only journey through the natural wonders of UNESCO’s World Heritage Site, Halong Bay, but uniquely will also allow passengers to discover the Bays of Lan Ha and Bai Tu Long, as well as Cat Ba Island, with its renowned National Park.

But what exactly is it that makes The Au Co a lifetime experience? For every cruise, The Au Co pledges the following:
Three day two night cruise is the first of its kind, offering passengers the opportunity to explore three bays, including Halong Bay, and Cat Ba Island, discovering each of these exciting destinations through a variety of excursions and activities.
State of the art design – the ship herself not only features the latest safety features but is also designed throughout to give a sense of space and luxury, enhancing the cruise experience .
a cultural experience – from the decoration of the ship, to the quality of our dining service, through to the range of activities available, The Au Co is designed to allow our passengers to get a true sense of Vietnam and experience a taste of the Orient .
a responsible cruise – we aim to preserve the beauty of the Gulf of Tonkin for future generations by minimising the impact on the local environment, operating under the concept of sustainable tourism, and supporting local communities.

Want to know more about The Au Co and seaplane experience in Halong Bay? Contact me now!