Located 45 minutes by high speed ferry from Singapore airport is the tropical Indonesian resort Island of Bintan. A haven for Singapore based expats and locals for a weekend escape and home to the very popular and deluxe resort of Club Med Ria Bintan.

Set on its own private beach, 20 minutes’ drive from the Ferry Terminal is the club village and quite secluded. It’s the perfect location if you want to get away, relax but still want the comforts of a 5 star resort.

As with all Club Med villages – Ria Bintan is centred around the beach, the pool and the tropical and well-manicured gardens full of colourful flowers and green plants. The main buildings are all open sided, allowing the ( sometimes ) cool breeze from the South China Sea to float in , a welcome relief from the tropical heat ( Bintan is very close to the equator ) .

Choice is the big thing at this resort… and quite often too many … not a bad thing for a family holiday. From the many many choices for breakfast , the ranges of meals for lunch that blends into the all-day dining and then rolling into the  never ending International choices for dinner to the daily cocktail choices , the activity choices , the spa choices .. arrrr so many choices. 

While the rooms are basic – this was the very first resort I’ve been to that I wouldn’t pay more for a better room. They all have great views, either the garden or the ocean, they are all the same size and quite large, they all have TV, phone, large tropical showers, but as you spend very little time in them the lead in Superior rooms are great. The only time we spent in the room was between 4.00pm – 6.00pm during the afternoon thunderstorm and getting ready for dinner.

As with all the Club villages there is an abundance of activities that cater for all ages , from archery lessons for kids to water aerobics in the main pool , tennis , golf , football games , snorkelling , diving lessons , kids clubs , teens clubs , craft activities.. It’s all there.. If you want it… if not there are numerous lounges by the pools or on the beach for you to laze in and watch the day pass, working your way from breakfast to lunch to dinner… and if you haven’t eaten enough then there is the all-day dining, where you can graze on anything and everything.

Open bar is a big bonus – no more frightening resort bar accounts at the end of your holiday as your package includes all meals, all drinks, all activities and all entertainment.. So no matter what time day or night, just walk up to the bar and order your drink … champagne anyone?

With 3 children in tow this was the best family holiday we’ve had.. the kids all loved it so much they didn’t want to leave at the end of our 5 day stay ….. and kept pleading. Can we have just one more day. Please Dad ???

I can’t stress enough the excellent value of the Club Med package.

Your total package costs have everything included and if you don’t visit the spa or use the in room phone, there is nothing else to pay.

At the end of our 5 day package we checked out without our spending a cent. We had no room account, no bar bill and no extras … and with 3 children that’s a blessing.

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