Cancun City!

Cancun City!

I was very lucky to experience a SuperTour, run by the Globus Family of Brands. The tour was to Cancun City!

We flew with Qantas A380 aircraft from Sydney to Dallas return and American Airlines with our internal flights Dallas to Cancun. The A380 of Qantas are not up to standard to Emirates and the food was alright but not as good as Emirate's again. American Airlines was good, all flights were on time and the queues were organised…it's great!

I stayed at various hotels including: the Beachscape Kin Ha Hotel- with Cabana along the shore - the family suite was good, Hotel Mayaland - good for the family too, Hotel Plaza de Campeche, simply lovely and The Ritz-Carlton Hotel was the best!

We visited the Chichen Itza, the biggest Pyramid in Yucatan Peninsula. They built this pyramid to worship their serpent god of fertility.
We also visited Campeche and Uxmal - where there were those temples of gods they worship.
The most memorable event on this trip to me was when we had the awards night on the beach of the wonderful Ritz Carlton, had fun catching up and getting to know the other agents. They were all amazing individuals and we got along well.

These tours are new with Globus, they have recently offered this one to the public and so they wanted us to experience it as well. I think it's great with good destinations, quite rich in history, the beaches are good and archaeological buildings are amazing.