Ayres Rock

Ayres Rock


I just returned from an incredible three day trip to Uluru. The highlight for me was the Uluru Sunrise/Guided Walk tour by AATKings. We arrived at the sand dunes under the cover of darkness, as the sun starter to slowly rise, the Uluru began emerging from the dessert landscape. It's a truly unforgettable experience - watching it wake up like a gentle giant, almost floating above the ground. We were then taken on the first walk at the base of Uluru, at the sacred Kuniya Piti site. To see the red rock so close up, is magical, completely different to what I imagined it. Along the walk, we were told the local stories of the Anangu, shown sacred sights and I really started to feel the connection to this place - it really does have magical powers! I was lucky enough to do this base walk as the skies opened up, this brought the whole area to a new life - waterfalls started cascading down Uluru, the colour of the rock changed completely - it was like being suddenly submerged into a prehistoric world - I was waiting for the 5 meter kangaroo to come out of the bush. By the end of the tour we experienced the biggest waterhole at Uluru, saw a myriad of waterfalls, saw a number of Aboriginal rock art, but most importantly I came away with a new understanding of Australia, the Aboriginal history and a new found love for this remote place - it truly is so much more than I imagined. You can see and experience the most impressive attractions of the red center in just two days if you are short on time - with only a 3 hour flight from Sydney - this will be a trip you will never forget. I know I have left a piece of myself at Uluru but I also found a new piece to take away with me.

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