American Airlines Comes To Sydney

American Airlines Comes To Sydney

Seeing a new plane for the first time is always exciting, and the American Airlines flagship Boeing 777-300ER is no exception with itravel. With its shiny paint, new aircraft smell and fabulous features, we for one are excited about this new venture which will see American Airlines, in long time partnership with Qantas, fly to directly into Sydney from Los Angeles for the first time.

Starting next month, the B777-300ER will be embarking on this new route with 3 fabulous classes to choose from for your ultimate comfort. Described as ‘Life Uniterrupted’ by Alice Liu, Managing Director of Onboard Products, the aircraft, which is just a few weeks old has been made to feel less like a flying metal tube, and more like a comfortable hotel.

“It’s all in the details,” says Alice as we sit across from each other in a First Class seat – how’s that for space? “American Airlines are not known for being flashy or trendy, it’s about the thoughtfulness and timeless style.”

In fact, American Airlines has thought so much into their interior designs that they have consulted their customers to see what they are looking for on their flights. While words can be subjective to their meanings, American Airlines have used pictures in their studies to get to the bottom of what a consumer is after when they fly.

The Herringbone style in First and Business class means never having to squeeze past your fellow passenger to use the bathroom; The First Class seats swivel, so you can turn your area into a personal and private study; WiFi throughout all classes means you can stay connected when you fly, and of course, tweet your thanks to American Airlines.

The Economy Class configuration is the standard 3-4-3, and all onboard entertainment systems have a huge range of TV, movies and music to choose from to keep you occupied through your long haul flight.

Qantas CEO Alan Joyce and American Airlines CEO Doug Parker are elated at this new transition of business, taking their joint venture to a whole new level. And with tourism of both the United States and Australia heating up, we daresay this will be highly successful when American Airlines makes its first passenger flight on December 18th. 

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