Roslyn Ranse

Port Macquarie

About Me

Easy to talk to and make friends with, I enjoy a laugh and yet am willing to take on “end to end” responsibility, ensuring that the detail is correct and looked after. Most people that I deal with, I regard as a friend and I continue to communicate with them long after the main reason for contact has past. Energetic and disciplined I love to have fun whilst getting the job done. My background has been in corporate Sales and Marketing where I travelled the world for work. I joined travel industry 5 years ago with a passion to help other corporate travellers on a round the clock basis, offering the highest level of service and attention to detail. I thrive on working under pressure, to budgets, getting the best deal and my current clients know they can depend on me to get the job done, sometimes in emergency or on very short notice. I love adventure, and in my spare time I love to Ski, Snowboard, and cycle and try almost anything once. In addition to my own corporate travel around the world I have also back packed throughout the world and had some fantastic adventures! Cycling through Vietnam and Cambodia (twice) with a friend, travelling by motorbike through Europe, chasing the MotoGp circuit and taking up wicked adventures as I see them, I can’t get enough! The next adventure is a tuk tuk race through India or a VW Beetle race across South America! I just need a mechanic to be crazy enough to come with me. I have a passion for fun and living life to the full. You can always depend on me to help you create an amazing experience.

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