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Hi, my name is Georgie Banovic. I possess a boundless passion for TRAVEL. I love to experience new places, cultures and of course new people. Over the years my travels have been to Singapore, Germany, Croatia, Turkey, South Pacific Islands, New Zealand and most recently LA and Vegas. With my vast knowledge on travel, I am devoted to searching for the best possible deals to entice my clients to experience the best possible holiday. I am dedicated to providing my clients with the opportunity to craft special memories to keep for a lifetime. I am more than happy to offer holidays of all types because I know that my clients all have different interests from luxurious holidays in five star hotels, to the holidays that cater for couples and their intimate alone time, to the holidays that bring the entire family closer together. I am keen to share my stories, and knowledge with my clients to allow them to experience and get one step closer to fulfilling their dreams.


My experience with Itravel was flawless. I gave my idea's for my holiday to Georgie and from there she was great at expanding and suggesting amazing places to see and fantastic activities to do. Georgie helped me to plan out a fantastic holiday where I was organised and everything was well planned out. My holiday turned out to be an amazing experience. I thank Georgie at Itravel for her wonderful work and great planning skills for my holiday! Thank you!

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Las Vegas!!!

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