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UPDATE: I will be hosting an exclusive itravel group tour through the stunning Mekong River with Avalon Waterways departing 08 August 2019.

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Hi there!

With over 14 years of experience in the travel industry, you can trust me with your holiday and travel plans!

How did I get my start in travel you ask? Long story short I was inspired by my husband who travels a lot and used to take myself and my baby with him. I studied International Travel Sales & Tourism online and have been making travel dreams a reality since 2003. I started in Auckland, New Zealand then I moved to Sydney in 2008 and have been here ever since!

What I love about being an itravel mobile agent is the freedom of time and spending time with my family and not the typical 9-to-5 job. Meeting important people and helping people organise their urgent trip to somewhere at 3am in the morning is also part of the fun! I love to help my clients and to be their solution to their problems especially with their travelling plans.

How can I be of help? Anything that you want me to do to make your travel dreams a reality, I can do it! I always try to be a specialist in your dream destinations by means of delivering more than just your expectations. Group travel? Yes! Religious groups? Double YES! My passion is in religious trips, as they are like an Apostolic Mission for me now. I feel fulfilled every time I think that I am becoming an instrument for those pilgrims who want to experience the walk where Jesus walked and to visit those places to witness what the Blessed Virgin Mary witnessed too.

You may be asking what my favourite destination is? Well, I have none in particular but I love the cruising style of holiday, where I can just relax, have some fun and feel comfortable. I like that you can also have a family bonding moment inside the ship because you can't go anywhere once you’re in the middle of the ocean!

So whether you need a break, want to create family holiday memories, organise your honeymoon, plan a reunion trip or if you've got something else on your mind, please don't hesitate to get in touch with me. I am only a friendly chat away!

- Susan


We would like to express our appreciation for managing and looking after our travel arrangement last December through your itravel agent Susan Clark. She was very helpful throughout the process and even guided us through when we were already on holiday. It was extra special because of what happened to my son, Brandon.

Brandon was diagnosed with acute appendicitis a day before our scheduled departure. I managed to inform Susan of the situation so she can cancel or arrange new date for Brandon’s travel. She simply said, “Just look after your son, and I will look after his booking”. Because my son is still underage, we need to make arrangement for unaccompanied minor. She looked after all the paper works and just said, “Sign it and send to me before you fly out”.

Leo and Ellen Alata NSW

We were pleased with your service being on top of everything… thank you. We are satisfied. I will consider your service on the next trip whenever that would be and recommend you to friends.

Rose G. Vidal San Diego, USA