I travelled to Lisboa, Portugal in July for 10 days. I flew with Swiss Airlines from Hong Kong to Zurich to Lisboa. It was my first time that I flew Swiss and it was great. The service was good and the staff on the plane took great care of us and made sure that our flight experience was unforgettable. The food was great and the entertainment varied from movies to tv series. I would fly them again if I had a chance.

Portugal is one of the countries I can now tick off my bucketlist. I had heard so much about this country that I wanted to see it for myself. So I took a flight and went to Lisbon for 10 days. The view of Lisbon from the plane was spectacular and I could not wait to be on the ground to explore this city.

I went to visit a friend in Lisbon therefore I stayed at their place with their family. It was really nice to experience the lifestyle of the family and listen and learn a few Portuguese words for me to use while being a tourist.

I visited a lot of places in Lisbon such as Monastery of San Geronimo, St George Castel, Belem Tower, Russio Square, Lisbon Baixa, Mappa Mundis Plaza, Al fama and also went to the beach called Praia de Principesa.

We moved around by train around Lisbon and by ferry. One useful information is to buy a rechargeable card that you can use for the land transport as well as for the ferry. Once you have this card you are able to use it for your whole stay in Lisbon. This came very handy as we came to the city everyday to see different things and places.

Every place I went to I experienced and learnt the history of this wonderful city. Everything I saw, visited, the food I tried I was in heaven. By the end of this trip I fell in love with Lisboa and Portugal in general.

What I liked most of this trip was Sintra. Sintra used to be a Royal Palace called Palacio da Pena from the 15th to the 19th Century. It is surrounded by mountains and royal botanical gardens. It is a full day visit as it is about 45mins out from Lisbon. It is beautiful and if you like walking in the forest and exploring and finding the different churches and gardens I would recommend to visit.

We walked around the city centre and learnt that Lisbon is built on 7 hills so you can imagine what it meant to walk Lisbon. It was all up and down hills all day but worth the walk and worth the view from the Belem Tower to the Castel of St George. If you love the walks and the challenge of walking on a steep hill and walking down the steep hills of Lisbon then I recommend for you to experience it. Remember your running shoes!!

I travelled to Castelo Branco for a few days which is in the country side and 2 hours from Lisbon by train. Worth to see! We travelled to a place called Monte Santo and it is a little town built on a mountain. The houses are made with stones that are on the mountain. It is a quite particular and unique town. When you walk through it feels to be in one of the movies of The Lord of the Rings and you remain amazed and speechless of how the town is designed and that people live there. It was a great experience to get to know also the country side.

I will be back to Portugal to visit more places such as Porto, Fatima and the north of Portugal.

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