Da Nang

Da Nang

Da Nang is a city in central Vietnam. It is the fifth largest city in Vietnam. It is also known as the most modern city as tourism has started to boom in the last 3-4 years. I love this city very much because I also spent the last 3 years of my life living there. While I was there I taught English at University, high school and primary aged schools.

A few highlights that will remain for me forever and that are a must-do are:

1) Cham Island Hopping Tour - The Blue Coral Snorkelling and Diving Company. This is a great Australian company with Australian professional diving and snorkelling individuals that caters for all ages. I was very impressed by the boat and their service. The crew made the boat trip fun and provided snacks on board and a seafood lunch on the beach. They provided all the equipment to snorkel and to dive as well as had 2 lifeguards on board or in the water to make sure that no one would be caught in the current or would not drown. We went to 2 marina sites where you could see the corals and fish. It was amazing how clear the water was. We also jumped off the boat into the water a few times. It was a hot and fun day and I would do it again in a heart beat!!

2) My Khe Beach also known as China Beach - this is the beach of Da Nang. It has white sand and blue clear water. The water temperature is the complete opposite of the Mediterranean or the Pacific Ocean. The water is warm and easy to enter and enjoy. You can experience parachuting on the beach. I did that and it was a scary and exciting adrenaline experience. We also watched the sunrise at the beach while swimming in the water. It was spectacular. Once in a lifetime experience.

The other highlights that I liked very much in Da Nang was the night life. Da Nang has 7 bridges and they are illuminated so it is not very hard to lose yourself in Da Nang. One of the most famous bridges is called Cao Rong, also known as the Dragon Bridge that spits fire on the weekends and it is the highlight of the city for many people who go and watch it.
Skybar is the place to be to have a whole panoramic view of Da Nang by night and have a few drinks and a dance.
Other places to see and enjoy are My Son (the dynasty ruins) and Hoi An (Ancient Town that was not touched during the war).

I love this city and I would recommend all my clients to stop, see and experience what Da Nang has to offer, as most of the people go directly to Hoi An. Trust me I love it and I miss it now that I am back living in Sydney.

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