In May 2016 I flew with some friends to Siem Reap, Cambodia. We flew on Silk Air (airline affiliated with Singapore Airlines) and their service was excellent. If you have children they look after them with games and food. The landing at Siem Reap was rough. As soon as the plane touchdown the plane breaked due to the runway being very short (we were told this after).

We stayed 3 days in Siem Reap and in those 3 days we did a bit of sightseeing.

We visited Angkor Wat. I had seen from the photos how big Angkor Wat Temples were but from close up you can really understand the vast area the temples covered. In May Siem Reap can be very hot that may feel suffocating, so we were advised to leave early to miss the heat. We were picked up by Tuk Tuk and taken to Angkor Wat. We bought tickets to see only 2 temples but managed to see more from the outside on our return. The place is amazing, a lot of trees around the temples and, of course what’s left of them is amazing! One special temple we wanted to visit was the Temple where Tomb Raider the movie with Angelina Jolie was shot. We saw it and we were told that it was one of the best temples. The tree roots had grown into the temple ruins and had grown in a strange way. We were left amazed and speechless from this experience. Of course you are able to visit all the Temples in Angkor Wat but we chose only a few especially because we were travelling with children and it was going to be too hot for them to walk around.

We also visited the city centre and that for me was an experience in itself. We saw a lot of poverty and children going through the trash and sitting by the footpath in the late evening. Was a scene I had never seen before. I am telling you this so that whoever decides to go to Siem Reap does not remain shocked.

We found a rooftop bar and relaxed while drinking and dancing. We also spent some time around the night market.

Siem Reap is beautiful but Cambodia has much more to offer, so remember that when visiting a country do not go only to the main city but go off the beaten track if you want to experience unique and real country experiences.

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