Lynette Metuarau

Mt Pritchard
0411 137 717

About Me

A combination of 30 plus years experience, access to the best technology available, an efficient information and costing support network provided by our travel partners and more importantly the ability to be able to deliver this to clients in the comfort of their surroundings makes for a win win situation.All these attributes allow me to give my clients the undivided attention to every detail when planning either their first travel experience or for those frequent travellers looking for yet another adventure.


When I embarked on the idea of taking my family on an overseas holiday, I had no idea how much trouble it would be and how much planning would be needed. It was the first time we had ever gone on a real overseas holiday, taking time to see some truly wonderful places and once in a lifetime opportunities.That was the plan and it seemed easy and simple enough, However, that is exactly when the complications started, How to book airfares to a range of different locations with multiple stops and transfers both International and Domestic. I thought I would do it online, boy was I fooled....I did manage to find quotes, but I had no idea of luggage requirements, seating arrangements nor accommodation availability.

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